air conditioning queens, ny It’s not a good sign when you’re on a first-name basis with your local HVAC repair team. At OSI Comfort Specialists, we pride ourselves on treating our Queens, Nassau and western Suffolk County customers like family, but that doesn’t mean we want to be frequent visitors because of multiple air conditioning repairs.

At a certain point, it makes more sense to upgrade to new cooling equipment than to keep paying for repairs — which get more and more expensive as time goes on.

But how can you be sure that it’s time for an A/C replacement? It’s a big investment, but we can help you to consider the variables and make an informed decision.

When does an air conditioner pass the point of repair?

Think back to last summer. Did your A/C system struggle to keep you reliably comfortable? Did it need to run constantly, making your electric bills higher in the process? Were you noticing noises or leaks around your equipment?

If so, you should start assessing whether your current system is ready to retire. Here are some factors to guide your decision.

Your current system’s age

While a central A/C system can operate anywhere from 10 to 15 years, it becomes less advisable to repair it after 10 years. Not only is the equipment probably less efficient after a decade of use, but it’s also no longer covered by most manufacturers’ warranties. This will make repair costs higher for you.

Your system’s SEER rating

Manufacturers measure an A/C’s energy efficiency by a rating called SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). Starting in 2023, the federally-mandated minimum rating for new cooling equipment in our region is 14-SEER.

Depending on the age of your current equipment, it could have a rating as low as 10-SEER. Less efficient systems cost more to operate. Making the upgrade to equipment that is 14-SEER or higher will keep your home cooler on the hottest days — for less money!

Your system’s refrigerant

Older A/C equipment uses a refrigerant called Freon or R-22. This product was found to be harmful to the environment and has since been discontinued. Replenishing R-22 or even finding replacement parts for systems that use it has become difficult and increasingly pricy. We recommend that you replace these systems at the first opportunity.

The repair cost

If your current cooling system has broken down and the cost of the necessary repairs is more than half the cost of new equipment, it’s time to take the plunge on an A/C replacement.

Spring is the right time to call OSI Comfort Specialists for a new cooling system!

If your cooling equipment is struggling, don’t wait for it to break down in the middle of July. Start talking to our team of skilled HVAC technicians about upgrading to high-efficiency equipment. With winter behind us, we have more available appointments and time to secure the perfect product for you before temperatures start sizzling.

We would love to give you a free, no-commitment estimate on an A/C installation. Contact OSI Comfort Specialists today.

air purifier installation queens, ny If you’ve ever worried about the cleanliness of the air your family is breathing, you aren’t alone. At OSI Comfort Specialists, we’ve spoken to countless customers in Queens, Nassau County and western Suffolk County about their indoor air quality (IAQ). Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors, and according to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air!

And one solution we have found that’s effective in cleaning indoor air is a whole-house air purifier.

Are air purifiers a good investment?

If you have a forced air heating and cooling system (likely with a furnace), then your ductwork could be circulating irritating and toxic agents like dander, dust, bacteria, viruses and mold. Your system’s air filter might catch some of these particles, but many make it into your living spaces.

Air purifiers offer a much more effective solution for getting rid of the particles that travel in your ducts.

What benefits can you expect from an air purifier?

For customers focused on keeping their indoor air healthy and clean, a whole-house air purifier has many benefits.

Respiratory health

Toxins in your ductwork can be terrible for your respiratory health. Older people, infants and people with asthma are especially vulnerable. Poor IAQ can cause:

An air purifier will catch these toxins before they ever enter your rooms.

Your home’s decor

Air impurities also impact your home. Over time, they cause wall discoloration and warping of cabinetry, wood finishes and artwork. Because they are airborne, standard household cleaning won’t catch these particles, but an air purifier will.

Your home’s cleanliness

Have you noticed more dust and odors in your home lately? The culprit could be debris, bacteria and other microorganisms that float through your living spaces. Air purifiers stop them in their tracks so that you can do a little less house cleaning!

Viral illnesses

Whole-house air purifiers will also slow the spread of colds, influenza and other viral illnesses. The EPA also found that they can reduce airborne transmission of COVID-19.

HVAC performance

Dust and debris will clog your air filters and HVAC system components if left unchecked. This can drastically reduce the efficiency of your equipment, leading to higher energy bills and more frequent breakdowns. Installing an air purifier is a relatively simple solution that can help you save on fuel costs over time while cutting down on maintenance expenses and prolonging the life of your heating and cooling systems.

OSI Comfort Specialists installs two world-class air purifying products.

The indoor air quality team at OSI Comfort sells and installs two types of whole-house air purifiers. Our HEPA filter systems can remove over 99 percent of pollutants from your home’s air. We also install systems that use ultraviolet (UV) light to eradicate toxic particles.

Additionally, our team can install humidifiers and dehumidifiers to make your indoor air more comfortable.

Let’s work together to ensure that your home has the best IAQ possible. Get in touch with us today.

OSI Comfort Specialists is here for your commercial fuel and HVAC service needs

commercial hvac nassau county, ny Locally-owned businesses are the heart of the communities we serve in Queens, Nassau and western Suffolk counties. From hospitals and nursing homes to restaurants and apartment complexes, our commercial customers depend on us for fuel, comfort equipment and much more.

Here are a few of the most popular commercial fuel and commercial HVAC services that OSI Comfort Specialists provides.

Commercial heating and cooling

Just as countless New York families count on OSI Comfort Specialists for heating and cooling, businesses trust our technicians to install, maintain and repair their boilers, furnaces, central air conditioning systems and ductless mini-splits. We keep these systems running reliably and efficiently. Your staff and customers will stay comfortable, and you can keep your energy expenses under control. Plus, your plumbing will not freeze in the year’s coldest months.

Water services

Restaurants, hotels and other hospitality businesses need dependable hot water for their employees and guests. We install and service high-efficiency water heaters to meet this demand. Not only that, but our skilled water purification experts will also ensure that your taps supply clean and healthy water. You can enjoy total peace of mind with our water services team.

Air quality

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outside air. When your workforce is inside for eight or more hours per day — particularly in an industrial or manufacturing environment — indoor air quality (IAQ) is a paramount concern. That’s where OSI Comfort Specialists comes in!

Our IAQ team installs and maintains air purifiers, HEPA filtration systems, humidifiers and a range of other equipment to protect the air your employees and customers breathe.

Power generators

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Americans are dealing with more hours of power outages than ever before. The electric grid is strained to the breaking point during times of extreme weather.

But some buildings can’t afford to be without electricity. For example, hospitals, schools, assisted living facilities, groceries and data centers need backup generator power to keep the lights and vital systems on. And OSI Comfort Specialists is proud to provide these generators.

Commercial fuels

For many businesses and municipalities in our service region, OSI Comfort Specialists is the go-to supplier of high-quality fuels:

OSI Comfort Specialists is always on call for your commercial needs!

Unlike the national conglomerates, OSI Comfort Specialists has a locally-based team available to customers for emergency service — 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. When you call, you’ll speak to someone in our service area, not a call center on the other side of the world.

Reach out to us if you’re ready to begin receiving commercial fuel and HVAC services for OSI Comfort Specialists.

Our oil tank monitors give you complete peace of mind

oil monitor app queens, ny We’re all busy these days. Between keeping the refrigerator stocked, getting kids to school and activities, and preventing the house from turning into a disaster zone, it can be hard even to catch your breath.

But your everyday challenges can compound really quickly if you aren’t paying attention to how much heating oil you have. A runout in the middle of winter is no laughing matter. Luckily for our customers in Queens, Nassau, and western Suffolk County, OSI Comfort Specialists has solutions to keep this from happening.

Going automatic puts the responsibility in our hands.

If you’re still calling us every time you need fuel, you could be inviting a runout. Most of our heating oil delivery customers avoid this risk by choosing Automatic Delivery.

When you enroll in Automatic Delivery, you say goodbye to checking your oil tank gauge and calling us for more fuel. We handle all the planning for you. Our state-of-the-art system uses your customer history and current weather conditions to determine how much heating oil you have. Then, we set up a delivery right when you need it.

There is no fee for this stress-free service, and you don’t need to buy additional fuel to participate.

Oil tank monitors give you 100% confidence.

Automatic Delivery offers you peace of mind that you’ll have the fuel you need, but it also relies on calculations based on past usage. If you recently built an addition to your home or welcomed a new child to the family, you could be using heating oil much faster than your history would indicate.

For added confidence, we recommend you consider our wireless oil tank monitor.

This device attaches to your tank and uses wireless and cellular technologies to transmit round-the-clock fuel level data. OSI Comfort Specialists will receive an alert when you need a delivery. Plus, you can track your own tank levels from your phone or wireless device. It doesn’t matter if you’re in bed or on a beach in Tahiti. You’ll know exactly how much heating oil you have!

An oil tank monitor takes all the remaining guesswork out of tracking your heating oil supply. While everyone can benefit, here are some groups that often find a tank monitor to be essential:

OSI Comfort Specialists can set you up with tank monitoring right away!

Let’s take one chore off your to-do list by setting up oil tank monitoring today. The process of installing a monitor is quick, and you can stop worrying about checking in on your oil tank and scheduling deliveries.

If you’re ready to get started with tank monitoring, contact our team now. We’ll arrange an installation appointment as soon as possible!

The causes of frozen pipes — and how to prevent them

frozen water pipes new york If you’ve ever had a pipe burst in your home, you know it’s more than a simple inconvenience. Burst pipes can damage your property and electrical wiring. They can lead to mold and mildew and put some or all of your water-dependent appliances out of commission. And, of course, there’s the aggravation and expense of making a last-minute call to fix your plumbing emergency.

At OSI Comfort Specialists, we have a team of skilled, certified professionals that can handle any plumbing service. We’ve dealt with our share of frozen and burst pipes while serving families in Queens and Nassau County. We can help you understand why pipes burst and how you can stop that from happening.

Why do pipes freeze and burst?

When temperatures drop below freezing for a sustained period, the water inside your home’s plumbing can turn to ice. Pipes in exterior walls or unheated parts of your home (like attics, crawl spaces and unfinished basements) are especially vulnerable.

When water freezes, it expands, and that creates pressure that can split open your pipes. This opens the literal floodgates into your home. If you’re out of town when a pipe bursts, the water damage can be significant.

How do you unfreeze an icy pipe?

If you have a pipe that is frozen but has not burst, you might be able to thaw it using a hair dryer. You should not attempt this if there is standing water. Here is the process:

  1. Turn on the nearest affected faucet.
  2. Access the pipe, which may require removing drywall.
  3. Use a hair dryer to heat the frozen section of the pipe.
  4. It might take as long as an hour, but you will know when the ice has thawed when water starts flowing normally from the open faucet.
  5. Be sure to check for leaks from the affected pipe.

You can also call the plumbing professionals at OSI Comfort Specialists to assess and fix your frozen pipe.

How can you prevent freezing and burst pipes?

First and foremost, never turn your heat all the way off during the winter. When you leave the house, set a minimum temperature on your thermostat of 55 degrees. This should keep the house warm enough to prevent freezing pipes. Here are some more helpful tips for avoiding ice in your plumbing:

If you need any help with your home’s heating or plumbing, the pros at OSI Comfort Specialists are always available to help. Drop us a line today to schedule an appointment!

Help OSI Comfort Specialists fill your heating oil tank quickly and safely

heating oil delivery new york Snowfall and frigid nights were a lot of fun when we were kids. Whether it meant sledding, snowball fights or a canceled school day, there was nothing not to love about this time of year.

As adults, it’s more of a mixed bag. Our customers in Queens and Long Island have to do a lot of shoveling and sidewalk salting when there’s snow or freezing rain. At OSI Comfort Specialists, winter also brings more heating oil deliveries — and more challenges getting them done.

If you have a heating oil delivery scheduled, there are five simple things you can do to prepare. These easy actions will ensure that you get your fuel quickly and safely and that our drivers can stay on schedule.

Ensure your house number is visible

Winter weather and early sunsets can pose a challenge for delivery drivers trying to locate your home. To make it easier on them (and to avoid delays in receiving your fuel), ensure your address is visible and turn on an outdoor light.

Unlock your gate

If you have a fence surrounding your property and our truck has to park next to it to fill up your tank, please remember to unlock the gate or have someone open it for us. And make sure your pets are safely indoors when the gate is open.

Make sure your fill pipe is clear

To make our driver’s job easier and quicker, establish a clear route to your fill pipe by removing any obstacles such as snow, ice, foliage, or debris. It will make it much simpler for our team member to affix the hose.

Shovel and salt your driveway

We know that shoveling snow from a driveway can be a strenuous task, but an oil delivery truck needs a nine- to 10-foot-wide clear path to maneuver. And if your driveway is on an incline, our driver must be able to safely secure tire wedges, which prevent the truck from rolling back.

It’s so important to have the driveway cleared of snow and salted before the delivery truck arrives. Also, consider marking the borders of your driveway in case snow has covered them.

Enroll in Automatic Delivery

The winter season is a busy time for homeowners and home energy companies alike. That’s why we suggest enrolling in our no-stress Automatic Delivery service. Our computerized system uses your past fuel usage and current weather conditions to determine when you’ll need a heating oil delivery.

With Automatic Delivery, you never need to remember to check your tank levels, and you don’t need to worry about running out!

Having customers on Automatic Delivery is also very helpful to the OSI Comfort Specialists team. It helps us plan ahead for deliveries and ensure that everyone stays warm!

These five simple steps will make a world of difference in getting your heating oil quickly, safely and efficiently.

Interesting in enrolling in Automatic Delivery? Contact our team today!

Everything you should consider when it’s time for a new hot water system

water heater service new york Hot water is one of those crucial conveniences that we take for granted until it goes away. When your water heater breaks down, you suddenly can’t shower. Washing dishes and laundry becomes more difficult. It’s one heck of a mess for everyone in your home.

Having a reliable, efficient water heater is also important for your home budget. The average American household uses 20 percent of its energy heating water. An inefficient hot water system can really increase your energy bills.

Here are some things to consider when it’s time to upgrade to a new water heater.

When is it time to replace your water heater?

At OSI Comfort Specialists, we speak to many homeowners in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens Counties about the warning signs that their water heater might fail, including the following:

It’s imperative that you get in touch with a licensed plumbing team like ours if you notice these issues. Sometimes, basic maintenance can fix the problem, but you may need a water heater replacement. If you act proactively, you’ll have the best selection of products. If you wait until your current model fails, you’ll be scrambling to replace it just to get the hot water back on.

Types of water heaters

There are several options you can opt for in your home:

  1. Storage tank water heater — This is what most people imagine when they think of a water heater. It stores between 30 and 80 gallons for distribution throughout your home. These models are affordable and easy to maintain, but they take up a lot of space and aren’t very efficient.
  2. Tankless water heater — Available in gas and electric models, these systems produce virtually unlimited hot water, as needed. Tankless water heaters are a pricier upfront investment, but they save you significant money on energy costs and take up very little space in your home. Plus, they last longer than storage tank models.
  3. Combination boiler/water heater systems — Also called condensing water heaters, these systems are popular in the UK. This system is quite eco-friendly and efficient, but it’s pricy to install.

What to consider when choosing a water heater

When it’s time to arrange a water heater installation, the team at OSI Comfort Specialists can help you identify the right oil, gas, or electric-powered water heater for your home. Some of the factors we account for are:

If you’re ready to discuss a water heater upgrade, contact OSI Comfort Specialists right now!

How to choose the right heating system for comfort and efficiency

heating systems new york We know there are many options out there for home heating. There’s a reason, though, that furnace and boiler systems remain enduringly popular in Long Island’s North and South Shores. Both options offer strong heat that keeps your home warm and, more importantly, your family safe.

When customers ask us the difference between a boiler and a furnace, here’s what we tell them.

How does a boiler system work?

A boiler system does not require ductwork. Boilers use burners to heat water in a tank and transfer either steam or heated water via your home plumbing to radiant flooring systems or radiators. The radiated heat warms your living space. There is no forced air in this system.

How does a furnace system work?

On the other hand, a furnace system — also called a forced-air system — heats air instead of water. Then, the furnace’s blower transfers the heated air through ducts into your home. Furnace systems have vents in your rooms where the hot air comes out.

Boiler vs. Furnace: Which is better?

Both furnaces and boilers have advantages and drawbacks. Here are some pros and cons you should consider when choosing the right heating system for your home.

Boiler Pros Boiler Cons
The humidified heat a boiler produces is exceptionally comfortable. Boilers take longer than furnaces to heat a room after switching on.
Boilers don’t move air, reducing the spread of airborne toxins and debris. Boiler systems require more labor and time to install.
Boiler systems are generally quieter than forced-air systems. Unlike furnaces, boilers can leak and cause water damage.
Furnace Pros Furnace Cons
Furnaces work more quickly when heating your home. A forced-air system can circulate toxins and debris.
A forced-air system’s ductwork can generally also serve a central air conditioning system. Forced-air systems are sometimes loud.
Furnaces often cost less than boilers to operate. Force-air systems often dry out the air, leaving a less comfortable living space.

If your home currently has a boiler system, changing to forced air and doing a furnace installation is typically quite expensive and disruptive. The reverse is also true.

OSI Comfort Specialists is here for your boiler or furnace installation!

The incredible team of technicians at OSI Comfort Specialists can handle just about any furnace or boiler installation. Not only that, we stand behind our work. We’re always available to our customers for service calls and repairs.

You can also take advantage of one of our affordable, comprehensive service plans. This coverage protects you in case of a sudden breakdown and guarantees priority service. In addition, each service plan comes with an annual maintenance tune-up. This yearly maintenance helps your equipment run at its peak efficiency and will catch minor issues before they lead to expensive repairs.

Are you ready to explore your home heating options with one of our team members? Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

Get the best heating oil delivery and service from OSI Comfort Specialists!

heating oil new york If you’re among the many who use heating oil to keep your home in Staten Island or New Jersey warm, or if you’re new to using heating oil altogether, then you might have some questions about it.

At OSI Comfort Specialists, not only do we provide you with reliable heating oil delivery, but we also install, maintain, and repair oil-fired home heating systems. In other words: our team of professionals has got your back when it comes to all things related to heating oil services!

Let’s get started on some common questions when it comes to heating oil.

Where does heating oil come from?

Although No. 2 heating oil and diesel fuels share a close chemical makeup, they differ in purpose. Both are derived from crude oil through the distillation process and have a low viscosity.

No. 2 heating oil does not have a federal excise tax, so it is dyed red to distinguish it from the taxed on-road diesel fuel – like off-road diesel fuel. Because people use No. 2 heating oil for home boilers or furnaces, and not for vehicles, it does not get subject to the excise tax. To avoid confusion with regular diesel fuel, No. 2 heating oil is usually referred to as home heating oil or fuel oil.

No. 2 heating oil has a winterized variety known as winter blend. This winter blend is a combination of No. 2 heating oil and No. 1 heating oil that is less viscous, less prone to gelling in extreme cold, and easier on your furnace or boiler. Winter blend is also sometimes referred to as kerosene mix.

How is today’s heating oil different?

The substantial changes in heating oil over the past couple of decades has allowed OSI to offer our customers a superior product.

The heating oil industry has endeavored to create a cleaner, more environmentally friendly product than in the past, leading to significant changes.

Since 2012, New York has required that all heating oil delivered be ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO), which has 15 parts per million (PPM) or less sulfur content. Traditional No. 2 heating oil contains an average of 4,000 ppm. This big reduction in sulfur dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions while helping your heating system run smoother and with better energy efficiency.

Reducing the amount of sulfur in ULSHO has immense benefits, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This is pivotal in the fight against climate change.

Not only is lower sulfur fuel better for the environment, it’s also great for your furnace or boiler. With less sulfur in heating oil, your system will run more efficiently and use less energy overall, meaning you’ll save money on winter heating costs. Fewer sulfur deposits on heat exchangers in your furnace or boiler means less wear and tear, fewer breakdowns, and a longer life expectancy for your heating system.

This is just the beginning of the advances as the heating oil industry strives for net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050.

Biodiesels, which are created from eco-friendly materials like plant oils and algae, burn cleaner than regular fuel and can help reduce our reliance on foreign oil. Our B5 Bioheat® Fuel contains 5% biodiesel.

When should I order more heating oil?

If you use Will-Call for your heating oil delivery, it is your responsibility to frequently check your heating oil tank gauge and order more before it falls below 30%.

Here’s how to check your tank gauge levels.:

On top of your heating oil tank, look for the transparent plastic tube with markings on it that resemble car fuel gauge numbers: F, ¾, ½, and so on. There is a red marker or a float inside the tube that informs you how much heating oil is in the tank.

OSI’s Automatic Delivery makes getting your heating oil easy! Our state-of-the-art software uses your heating oil usage history along with current temperatures and weather predictions to calculate when you’ll need more heating oil and make the delivery before you run low.

Get peace of mind when it comes to your home’s heating oil supply. Become an OSI Comfort Specialists customer today!

You can trust the plumbers at OSI Comfort Specialists!

If you own a home, you know that plumbing issues can happen and quite often by surprise.
Having reliable, experienced plumbers at OSI Comfort Specialists nearby and ready to help gives you peace of mind. Every one of our plumbers is a licensed and insured master plumber, so you can count on us to get the job done right.

Whatever your plumbing issue or project is, we’ll come and give you an estimate that is honest, transparent, and competitive.

Here are the most common issues our neighbors here in Nassau County and Queens contact OSI to solve:

Dripping faucet

Between kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and outdoor hoses, your home has multiple faucets. Even if just one of them starts dripping, you could end up wasting hundreds of gallons of water and see your water bills soar. We’ll get to work and fix the dripping so you can keep your water costs under control.

Clogged shower or bathtub drain

Hair isn’t the only thing that creates clogs in your bathtub or shower drain. Items such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, exfoliating scrubs, bubble baths, and bath bombs also contribute. Getting in touch with us for professional service is the wise choice if you can’t eliminate the clog on your own. You can help to prevent bathtub and shower clogs inexpensively with drain guards, which can be found at your local home improvement store or online.

A toilet that keeps running

Did you know that if a toilet frequently runs when it is not in use it can add hundreds of dollars to your annual water bill? The flapper valve, which controls the flow of water from the toilet tank to the bowl, refill tubes and flush valves is the most common culprit in this situation OSI Comfort Specialists’ plumbers will carefully inspect your toilet and fix the problem.

Sewage backup

If you smell a foul sewer odor around your shower, tub, or sink drain, it is likely that you have a problem with your sewer or septic system. If you are on a public sewer system, it may be something off your property. Solving this problem is not a do-it-yourself project, it is a job for a professional. Get in touch with us to investigate and solve this issue.

A slow-moving drain

Do you notice that when you use one of the sinks in your home that it takes longer than it should for the water to go down the drain? The common causes of blockages in a bathroom sink include hair, shaving, soap, and toothpaste. In the kitchen, bits of food and congealed grease create blockages. Household chemicals designed to remove these blockages can cause serious damage to your drain over time, so they should be avoided. Contact us if other DIY attempts to eliminate the blockages don’t work.

From installing a faucet to dealing with leaky pipes, the expert plumbers at OSI Comfort Specialists have the knowledge, skills, and experience to get your job done right! Contact us to request a quote or request service. NOTE: If you have a plumbing emergency, please do not try to get in touch with us through this website or by email. Call us any time, day or night, at 000-000-0000 for 24/7 emergency service.