Commercial Comfort Systems? We’ve Got You Covered!

Written on: April 17, 2023

We can handle heating, cooling, air quality and water services for your business.

commercial equipment queens, ny Just as homeowners throughout Queens, Nassau and western Suffolk counties trust the team at OSI Comfort Specialists, so do commercial clients with HVAC, hot water and power generation needs. We are a full-service comfort system provider for New York businesses.

The equipment we install, maintain and repair is essential for workplace safety and productivity. We stand by our work and are always there to address your needs and concerns. Here’s a rundown of some of the commercial equipment services we offer.

Commercial HVAC equipment

When temperatures drop in our corner of New York, you need to be confident that your commercial-grade furnace or boiler system can keep up. We install and service heating systems to ensure the warmth and safety of employees and customers alike. These systems are also crucial for ensuring that your plumbing doesn’t freeze in the winter.

OSI Comfort Specialists is also there in New York’s sweltering summers. We install, maintain and repair commercial cooling systems for both ducted and ductless setups.

The HVAC services we offer are customized to your business’s needs. We know that no two commercial spaces are alike, and we can handle any job — regardless of how large or small it is.

Be sure to talk to us about how you can save money with high-efficiency commercial HVAC equipment, too.

Indoor air quality

Providing a safe workplace is about more than temperature control. It’s just as essential to keep your indoor air free of toxins that can negatively impact people’s health and comfort. OSI Comfort Specialists can provide many indoor air quality solutions, including:

  • air purifiers
  • HEPA filtration systems
  • humidifier and dehumidifier systems

With these tools in place, your workforce can be confident in the air they breathe!

Water services

Don’t just cross your fingers and hope your aging, unreliable water heater keeps working for another few months.

A commercial water heater failure is a major inconvenience for your business, plus the ensuing water leak can cause severe damage to your structure and possessions. Get in touch with the OSI Comfort team right away. We’ll assess your business’s needs and identify a water heater that consistently provides you with hot water — all while lowering your energy costs!

Additionally, we provide water purification services that guarantee that your employees and customers receive safe, healthy water.

Power generation

So many of our commercial clients can’t afford to lose power, especially schools, hospitals, healthcare facilities and nursing homes. Losing electricity means losing access to essential equipment. To ensure continued heating, cooling, medical devices and other vital technologies, we install backup generators perfectly sized to your business’s needs. You’ll never need to worry about a grid outage again!

OSI Comfort Specialists keeps your business running!

Countless companies, municipalities, worksites and other businesses trust us for commercial HVAC services, as well as dependable commercial fuel delivery. Whatever your business’s requirements, we can arrange a comfort system to meet them.

Need help with your commercial HVAC equipment? It’s easy to get started — become an OSI Comfort customer today.