Commercial Services for Businesses in Queens and the North and South Shores of Long Island

Not only do OSI Comfort Specialists provide dependable commercial heating oil and diesel delivery services to local businesses, but we also offer expert equipment services. Here is the equipment we install, maintain and repair:

Furnaces and boilers. A quality heating system in your business keeps employees and customers comfortable and protects pipes from freezing. You’ll also save money with superior energy efficiency.

Central and ductless air conditioning. A cool office in hot weather promotes productivity and protects essential technology such as computers, servers and printers from overheating. No ductwork? No problem! We also install ductless air conditioning.

Water heaters. Don’t let a water heater failure damage your property and materials. We’ll help you upgrade to a high-efficiency water heating system that will keep your water plenty hot while cutting your energy costs.

Water purification. Whatever your business is, clean water is important for the safety of your employees and customers as well as for your plumbing and water heating systems.

Indoor air quality. We have learned in recent years how critical the quality of indoor air is to health and safety. Our range of indoor air quality equipment such as air purifiers, HEPA filtration systems and humidifier and dehumidifier systems help protect your employees.

Generators. A standby generator protects your business in many ways. In hospitals, healthcare facilities and nursing homes, essential lifesaving equipment stays running. Your business’s technology equipment like servers and computers stay at a safe temperature with an operating HVAC system. Grocery stores protect their perishables as a generator keeps the refrigeration system and HVAC on.

There are no words that can adequately convey what a top-notch company OSI Comfort Specialists is. The steadfast support they give their clients is taken from the old school method of business: the company functions at all times with honesty, reliability, professionalism and superb knowledge their field. I have used OSI Comfort Specialists for almost 40 years, and I write with certainty that there is no other company out there that can compare. They're simply THE BEST!
-Deborah C.

The OSI Comfort Specialists team of service technicians are all knowledgeable, skilled and experienced. They uphold our high standards for safety, courtesy and getting the job done right the first time.

Need plumbing or electrical work? OSI Comfort Specialists has you covered with a top-notch team of master plumbers and electricians.

From Bay Terrace to Oyster Bay, OSI Comfort Specialists provides the commercial services your business can trust to grow and prosper. Contact us today to talk with our commercial services professionals.