Troubleshooting Common Boiler Problems

Written on: January 22, 2024

Five ways to get your oil-fired heating system running — without a service call.

boiler service nassau county, ny We know that it can be unnerving, even frightening, when the heat in your Nassau County home won’t come on during a frigid winter evening. You can be confident that the OSI Comfort Specialists team is on call 24 hours a day to respond to our customers’ emergency no-heat calls.

That said, we would much rather help you troubleshoot your boiler issues yourself. There are many circumstances when you can fix a heating problem without needing to bring in a professional HVAC technician. This can help keep some money in your pocket.

If your radiators, baseboards or radiant floor systems aren’t heating up, try these five simple boiler troubleshooting tips.

1. Check your thermostat.

First, we suggest you make sure your thermostat is set to “heat” or “auto” and that you’ve set it to at least 5 degrees above your current room temperature. If it isn’t, adjust your thermostat settings and see if your boiler comes on.

2. Confirm your boiler is receiving electricity.

Pretty much all heating systems, including today’s oil-fired boilers, require electricity to work. Check that the power switch is set to “on.” If it is but your boiler isn’t working, check your home’s breaker box. The circuit breaker that powers your boiler may have tripped.

3. Check your heating oil tank levels.

The gauge on top of your heating oil tank is a clear glass or plastic vial with numbers similar to a car’s gas gauge: F, ¾, ½ and ¼. A disk in the vial tells you how full the tank is. If the disk is at or near the bottom of the vial (or you can’t see it at all), you may have run out of fuel. Reach out to OSI Comfort Specialists for an immediate heating oil delivery.

You can avoid fuel run-outs in the future by signing up for our free Automatic Delivery service. Our computerized system tracks your heating oil use, and we arrange a delivery right when you need more fuel.

4. Look at your boiler’s water levels.

Steam boilers must maintain a stable water level to work effectively. You can check your boiler’s water level by looking at the glass gauge on the equipment. This tube should be at least half full of water. If it isn’t, open the valve feeding cold water to your boiler and increase the water level.

5. Reset your boiler’s burners.

As a final troubleshooting step, you can press and hold the “reset” button on the boiler’s burner for 3 seconds. If your system does not start after you press this button, do not press the button again. Doing so can flood your heating system, and you could end up with a costly repair.

The OSI Comfort team is here for your boiler repair needs.

When DIY troubleshooting doesn’t work, OSI Comfort Specialists is here for New York families. We perform boiler repairs and other heating system services. Our technicians are highly trained, extensively experienced and always courteous. We don’t consider our job done until your heating is restored.

Trust to the pros at OSI Comfort Specialists. Request service today.