Generator Installation and Service for the North and South Shores of Long Island, NY

OSI Comfort Specialists helps you keep loved ones safe when the power goes out

When Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast in 2012, hundreds of thousands of people in the OSI Comfort Specialists service area lost power. Many of them were without it for a week or longer.

It doesn’t take a storm of that magnitude to lead to losing power in your home. Run-of-the-mill snow, sleet and thunderstorms can do it, along with car accidents and problems in the electrical grid.

Whatever the reason you could lose power in your home, a Generac whole-house backup generator from OSI Comfort Specialists protects your property, loved ones and comfort when it does happen. We provide expert sales and installation, as well as generator maintenance, to keep your generator running properly. Our team of trained and experienced service technicians, as well as licensed and certified master plumbers and electricians, can handle every step of the process, including installing the generator, connecting it to your gas line and connecting it to the electric panel in your home.

Beyond satisfied with OSI Comfort Specialists. Not only did they do an excellent job installing my oil burner, but they also filed all the paperwork for the rebate. Got my check today! Highly recommend this company. Been a customer for years and have NEVER had a problem.
-Kathryn M.

Advantages of a whole-house backup generator

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Portable generators can do some things around your home. Keeping the power on throughout your home during outages, especially those lasting longer than a few hours, is not one of them.

With a Generac whole-house backup generator, you not only can keep the lights on but also appliances, electronics and more, to keep your home safe and comfortable no matter how long the power goes out.

Your home security system will stay online, so your home is safe and secure. If anyone in your home uses medical equipment such as a CPAP, home dialysis or an electric wheelchair, those items will stay powered. Your sump pump will also keep running so your basement and the stuff down there will stay dry.

Whether your power goes out from a winter nor’easter or a summer hurricane, your whole-house backup generator will keep your HVAC running. You’ll have cool comfort in the summer and warmth in the winter that also helps to protect pipes from freezing.

Think about how much food is in your fridge right now. Some foods begin going bad about four hours after losing power. After a day, foods can be unsafe to eat. You could end up throwing away hundreds of dollars of food if the power is out for more than a few days and that figure goes higher if you also have a storage freezer. A Generac whole-house backup generator keeps all that food safely cold or frozen.

When the power goes out, so do many of your electronics such as TVs and chargers for phones, laptops and more. Stay connected to loved ones and information from local authorities and news with a whole-house backup generator. You’ll also be able to work remotely and keep the kids entertained with their favorite shows, music and video games.

A Generac whole-house backup generator installed by OSI Comfort Specialists will give you peace of mind about your safety and security during power outages. Reach out to us to learn more about it!