Pool Heater Installation and Service in Nassau County and Western Suffolk County, NY

Make summer fun last with OSI Comfort Specialists!

Do you have a pool at your home? If you do, you know it can be a destination for fun in the summer with family and friends.

Those good times can start earlier and last longer when you have a pool heater installed by OSI Comfort Specialists! We sell, install and service natural gas- and oil-fired pool heaters of outstanding quality and durability from top makers such as Thermodynamics, Hayward, and Raypack.

Our oil-fired pool heaters are heat exchangers off your home’s boiler.

Pool heater service you can trust!

Installing an oil- or gas-fired pool heater is not a do-it-yourself project. Fortunately, you have a team of experts at OSI Comfort Specialists who can get the job done right!

We’ll first go over important information about your pool, such as its location and size. With that information, OSI Comfort Specialists’ equipment experts will ensure that you get the right pool heater not only for your pool but for your budget.

Once your new pool heater is installed, we’re still here for you with expert maintenance and repair services from our team of trained and experienced service technicians.

OSI Comfort Specialists is a member of the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance, the world’s oldest and largest association representing pool, hot tub and spa manufacturers, distributors, manufacturers’ agents, designers, builders, installers, retailers and service professionals. We have been working with local construction, landscaping and pool installation companies for years, so we’ll make sure our work is done right and to the highest standards for safety.

Get better pool heating with natural gas and heating oil

Whether you have us install a natural gas- or oil-fired pool heater, you’ll see their advantages over electric pool heaters right away. The main perk is that they are much more energy efficient than electric pool heaters because they get your pool warm dramatically faster.

Electric pool heaters can heat your pool at a rate of only about 1°F each hour, meaning it could take an entire day to get your pool comfortably warm enough to take a dip, especially in late spring or early fall. Imagine what running the pool heater for that long will do to your electric bill!

Gas- and oil-fired pool heaters, on the other hand, can have your pool nice and warm in a fraction of the time so it’s easier to take a dip or host a pool party even when it’s not hot outside.

We recommend that you keep your pool covered when not in use to keep the heated water warm for longer. This can help your pool heater’s efficiency even more!

Another advantage is that both natural gas- and oil-fired pool heaters are more durable than electric water heaters. There’s less wear and tear, meaning there are fewer breakdowns and repair bills. They are also better than electric water heaters at maintaining a comfortable water temperature in your pool.

The entire organization was extremely professional! Salesman was on time gave us a written estimate in a day’s time, with a rough estimate on when it would be installed! Installation was done in a clean and timely manner! System works wonderfully during these hot days! Would use again for my other cooling and heating needs!
-Rudolf W.

Benefits of a pool heater

Here on Long Island and in Queens, once people see a few leaves start to change colors, they put the cover on their pools for winter, and then wait until Memorial Day or later to take it off again.

With a pool heater from OSI Comfort Specialists, you can start enjoying your pool earlier in the spring and keep the fun going well into fall.

Pools are not just a major investment in your quality of life, but in your home’s value as well. You can add to your home’s value even more with a quality pool heater from OSI Comfort Specialists!

Get comfort you can count on when it comes to your pool heating from OSI Comfort Specialists! Contact us today to get started.