Comfort Plans for HVAC and Comfort Equipment

OSI Comfort Specialists help you take good care of your equipment!

Your home’s heating and air conditioning systems, as well as comfort equipment such as water and air purification systems, are big investments in your home, as well as in the comfort and safety of your family.

Taking good care of them with maintenance and repair services from OSI Comfort Specialists is the best way to do that, and we make it easy with our affordable service plans that can also save you money on repair costs! We offer service plans to cover:

Benefits of OSI Comfort Specialists service plans

You’ll have peace of mind that your HVAC and comfort equipment are in good hands with OSI Comfort Specialists’ team of knowledgeable and skilled service technicians along with our master plumbers and electricians.

Each of our service plans includes an annual maintenance tune-up that helps your equipment run at its peak efficiency, keeping your energy costs under control, while helping to prevent breakdowns by fixing problems discovered during the tune-up.

OSI Comfort Specialists’ service plans also help you keep costs down by controlling many parts and labor costs for repairs. And, since many manufacturers require regular professional maintenance in their warranties, our service plans can help keep your warranty in effect, protecting you from potential large repair costs.

Get the best protection for your home’s HVAC and comfort equipment. Contact OSI Comfort Specialists today to enroll in our service plans!
There are no words that can adequately convey what a top-notch company OSI Comfort Specialists is. The steadfast support they give their clients is taken from the old school method of business: the company functions at all times with honesty, reliability, professionalism and superb knowledge their field. I have used OSI Comfort Specialists for almost 40 years, and I write with certainty that there is no other company out there that can compare. They're simply THE BEST!
-Deborah C.