Water Purification Installation and Service In Nassau and Western Suffolk counties in NY

Get cleaner and safer water with OSI Comfort Specialists!

When it comes to safety in our home, most of us think of things like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, cabinet locks to keep children away from hazardous materials and home security systems. Water quality may not cross our minds. But it should.

Poor water quality can affect your water’s taste, damage your clothes and appliances, irritate your skin and pose a potential health and safety hazard for you and your loved ones.

OSI Comfort Specialists is here to help with customized water purification solutions for your home with a wide range of products from Aquapure and Lancaster.

We carry water purification products such as refrigerator filters for icemaking and in-the-door water systems, drinking water systems to make sure your coffee, tea and other beverages are safe and taste good, and whole-house water filtration and purification systems that improve the quality of the water and protect pipes, fixtures and more from the damage that bad water can cause.

OSI Comfort Specialists has a team of trained and experienced service technicians, as well as certified and licensed master plumbers, who ensure that your water purification system is installed properly and meets all standards for safety.

Water purification also helps you save money. You will no longer need to buy specialized cleaning products to remove stains and scaling from your sinks, tubs and toilets. Clothing won’t be stained by rust. You will be able to use your refrigerator’s icemaker and in-the-door water without worries about safety, taste or smell. Your skin will feel better, reducing the need for costly skin products to deal with dry or irritated skin.

There are no words that can adequately convey what a top-notch company OSI Comfort Specialists is. The steadfast support they give their clients is taken from the old school method of business: the company functions at all times with honesty, reliability, professionalism and superb knowledge their field. I have used OSI Comfort Specialists for almost 40 years, and I write with certainty that there is no other company out there that can compare. They're simply THE BEST!
-Deborah C.

What water purification system do I need for my home?

Water purification is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The equipment experts at OSI Comfort Solutions will put their knowledge and experience to work to make sure your water purification issues are dealt with in a way that is right for your needs and your home.

One way we do that is by focusing on the problems we are seeing and using that information to come up with a solution for them. The table below shows some common problems as well as causes and probable solutions.

Problem Cause Solution
Cloudy, discolored or tinted water
Clogged or leaking faucets
Dirt/rust Whole-house filtration system
Water that tastes and smells musty or swampy
Chlorine taste in water and ice cubes
Taste/odor Refrigerator filtration
Sediment buildup in water heater tank
Water heater banging
Hard water Hot water system protector
Red or brown stains on fixtures and clothing
Metallic taste in water
Iron Iron removal system
Soap deposits on clothing and dishes, glassware
Soap curds in bathtub
Hard water Water softening system
Lead water pipes
Chemical contamination of water
Chemical/lead Drinking water systems
Brackish taste
Cloudy ice cubes
Deposits on cookware when boiling water
Dissolved salts Reverse osmosis
Ensure the safety and quality of the water in your home. Contact OSI Comfort Specialists today to find out more about our water purification options!