Do You Have Heating Oil for the Fall?

Written on: September 5, 2023

It’s the perfect time to refill your heating oil tank.

oil delivery queens, ny What’s your favorite part of fall? The blazing foliage? The start of football season? Maybe it’s the arrival of pumpkin-spiced cocktails!

With the end of summer right around the corner, the team at OSI Comfort Specialists is gearing up to help New York households get their oil-fired heating systems online. One crucial part of this process is making the first oil deliveries of the heating season. How are your heating oil levels? If you didn’t fill your oil tank at the end of last winter, we encourage you to give us a ring now to set up a fuel delivery.

Benefits of filling your oil tank early

There are significant advantages to reaching out to us in warmer months to arrange a heating oil delivery:

  1. Convenience — Once we hit the late fall and winter, our heating oil delivery drivers will be on the roads in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties answering no-oil emergencies. Our appointment times will be more limited. In warm weather, you’ll have your pick of appointments so you can receive heating oil on your schedule.
  2. Affordability — Seasonal demand plays a major role in heating oil prices, especially since roughly 90 percent of U.S. heating oil consumption happens here in the Northeast. Heating oil prices are the lowest between April and September. (OSI Comfort Specialists also offers ways to protect your price — see below.)
  3. Protecting your tank — We encourage customers to keep a full heating oil tank in the off-season. The leading cause of oil tank failure is internal corrosion, and condensation is the primary driver of corrosion. Keeping your tank full in warm weather limits condensation.

Some customers worry that heating oil will “go bad” sitting in the tank, but you don’t need to fret. Heating oil is good for 18 and 24 months, plus the premium fuel we deliver lasts longer than most!

OSI Comfort Specialists protects your heating oil price.

Heating oil, like all commodities, is vulnerable to price fluctuations. And households that use heating oil buy almost all their annual fuel during a few cold months. This all adds up to an unpredictable home energy budget — but OSI Comfort Specialists can help.

We have two fantastic pricing and payment programs to stabilize your heating oil billing and potentially save you money.

  • Balanced Billing allows you to spread out your fuel costs throughout the year in even monthly installments. With this FREE plan, your energy budget will be simple, and your winter bills will be cut virtually in half!
  • Guaranteed Assured Price (GAP) limits how high your per-gallon heating oil price can go — but not how low! We set an agreed-upon cap on your rate. If the market price goes below that cap, you’ll pay the lower rate.

While no one knows exactly where heating oil prices will go in the months ahead, you can feel confident that your bills will stay level with these programs.

Interested in enrolling in a pricing or payment plan? Ready for a late summer oil delivery? Contact OSI Comfort Specialists today.