Check Your Heating Oil Supply from Your Phone!

Written on: February 6, 2023

Our oil tank monitors give you complete peace of mind

oil monitor app queens, ny We’re all busy these days. Between keeping the refrigerator stocked, getting kids to school and activities, and preventing the house from turning into a disaster zone, it can be hard even to catch your breath.

But your everyday challenges can compound really quickly if you aren’t paying attention to how much heating oil you have. A runout in the middle of winter is no laughing matter. Luckily for our customers in Queens, Nassau, and western Suffolk County, OSI Comfort Specialists has solutions to keep this from happening.

Going automatic puts the responsibility in our hands.

If you’re still calling us every time you need fuel, you could be inviting a runout. Most of our heating oil delivery customers avoid this risk by choosing Automatic Delivery.

When you enroll in Automatic Delivery, you say goodbye to checking your oil tank gauge and calling us for more fuel. We handle all the planning for you. Our state-of-the-art system uses your customer history and current weather conditions to determine how much heating oil you have. Then, we set up a delivery right when you need it.

There is no fee for this stress-free service, and you don’t need to buy additional fuel to participate.

Oil tank monitors give you 100% confidence.

Automatic Delivery offers you peace of mind that you’ll have the fuel you need, but it also relies on calculations based on past usage. If you recently built an addition to your home or welcomed a new child to the family, you could be using heating oil much faster than your history would indicate.

For added confidence, we recommend you consider our wireless oil tank monitor.

This device attaches to your tank and uses wireless and cellular technologies to transmit round-the-clock fuel level data. OSI Comfort Specialists will receive an alert when you need a delivery. Plus, you can track your own tank levels from your phone or wireless device. It doesn’t matter if you’re in bed or on a beach in Tahiti. You’ll know exactly how much heating oil you have!

An oil tank monitor takes all the remaining guesswork out of tracking your heating oil supply. While everyone can benefit, here are some groups that often find a tank monitor to be essential:

  • Owners of rental properties and hosts on Airbnb and VRBO
  • People who often travel for business
  • People with less predictable heating patterns because of frequent guests or long stretches away from home
  • People who handle the fuel deliveries for a relative

OSI Comfort Specialists can set you up with tank monitoring right away!

Let’s take one chore off your to-do list by setting up oil tank monitoring today. The process of installing a monitor is quick, and you can stop worrying about checking in on your oil tank and scheduling deliveries.

If you’re ready to get started with tank monitoring, contact our team now. We’ll arrange an installation appointment as soon as possible!