Bioheat® Fuel: The Gold Standard For Heating Oil

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There have been a lot of changes in our lives and homes in recent decades, from the arrival of the internet to dramatic advances in energy efficiency.

One of the changes that you may not have noticed has been the changes in the heating oil that keeps your home warm in the winter. Thanks to technological advances, OSI Comfort Specialists delivers clean-burning, eco-friendly Bioheat Fuel to your home in Nassau County, Western Suffolk County and Queens.

What is Bioheat Fuel?

There are two things that make up Bioheat Fuel. The first is ultra-low-sulfur heating oil, which contains 15 parts-per-million (ppm) of sulfur or less. This is a reduction of 99% vs. the amount of sulfur present in heating oil 30 years ago!

The second, and more revolutionary component of Bioheat Fuel is the biodiesels. These biodiesels are made with natural, sustainable, and renewable resources including:

  • plant oils such as sunflower, rapeseed and soybean
  • animal fats
  • algae
  • recycled commercial cooking grease

OSI Comfort Specialists delivers B5 Bioheat Fuel. The “5” means that 5% of the fuel is biodiesels.

Advantages of using Bioheat Fuel

bioheat delivery new yorkOur B5 Bioheat Fuel offers benefits for both you and the environment. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions by about 70% from traditional heating oil, meaning you can keep your home warm with a much smaller carbon footprint. Bioheat Fuel emits 80% less sulfur dioxide, up to 30% less nitrogen dioxide and 20% less carbon dioxide than traditional heating oil.
Bioheat Fuel is part of the effort being made by the heating oil industry to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050.

Another environmental benefit of Bioheat Fuel is that it reduces the amount of waste going into landfills.

Since Bioheat Fuel is made with less actual heating oil, it also helps to improve our energy independence by not needing as much imported oil for home heating.

Using Bioheat Fuel offers financial benefits to you. Since Bioheat Fuel burns cleaner than traditional heating oil, it leaves fewer deposits inside your home’s furnace or boiler. This helps your heating system to operate more efficiently so your energy costs go down.

That reduction in deposits also means less wear, allowing your heating system to run better and with fewer breakdowns and a longer life expectancy. You’ll save money by lower repair costs and by not needing to replace your heating system as soon as you would with traditional heating oil.

Speaking of your home heating system, you don’t need to replace your furnace or boiler, make any adjustments or retrofits or replace your heating oil tank in order to use Bioheat Fuel. It will work in your current heating system just like traditional heating oil.

From the North Shore of Long Island to the South Shore, you can trust OSI Comfort Specialists for dependable and safe delivery of Bioheat Fuel to your home. Become a Customer today!