Heating Oil Delivery for Queens, Nassau County, and Nearby

Get comfort you can count on with OSI Comfort Specialists

OSI Comfort Specialists has been providing dependable fuel delivery to homes in Queens, Nassau County and Western Suffolk County for four generations.

You don’t stay in business that long without that dependability, as well as our responsive and courteous service. That’s why so many of our customers have been with us for decades!

We take care of our heating oil customers like the neighbors you are. In addition to a delivery service that’s always there for you, our customers are treated like the neighbors you are as we provide no-heat emergency service any time of day or night.

Heating oil delivery you can trust

Making sure you have enough heating oil doesn’t have to be a chore. With our Automatic Delivery, you don’t have to go out into cold, snowy weather or down to the basement to check your heating oil tank gauge.

We keep track of your heating oil usage and current weather conditions with cutting-edge computer software. We use this information to schedule a heating oil delivery that ensures you’ll always have the heating oil you need.

Automatic Delivery customers never need to worry about taking the time to check how much heating oil they have or needing to call us to schedule a delivery. Worrying about the hassle and expense of an emergency delivery if you forget to schedule a delivery is also a thing of the past.

Do you want absolute security when it comes to your heating oil supply? We offer wireless heating oil tank monitoring that keeps us informed 24/7 of precisely how much heating oil is in your tank so we know exactly when you need a delivery. Wireless tank monitoring is also great for income properties.

There are no words that can adequately convey what a top-notch company OSI Comfort Specialists is. The steadfast support they give their clients is taken from the old school method of business: the company functions at all times with honesty, reliability, professionalism and superb knowledge their field. I have used OSI Comfort Specialists for almost 40 years, and I write with certainty that there is no other company out there that can compare. They're simply THE BEST!
-Deborah C.

Bioheat® Fuel: A better heating oil

oilheat provider new yorkWe are all looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact. Bioheat Fuel from OSI Comfort Specialists helps you to do that while keeping your home warm, safe and comfortable.
Bioheat Fuel is a blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and biodiesels, made from sustainable resources such as:

  • plant oils like soybean, rapeseed and sunflower
  • animal fats
  • recycled restaurant cooking grease
  • algae

OSI Comfort Specialists delivers a Bioheat Fuel, meaning that at least 5% of the fuel is biodiesels. It burns cleaner than the heating oil of just a decade ago, dramatically reducing emissions.

You don’t need to replace your home’s heating system or make any modifications when you use Bioheat Fuel.

Our Bioheat Fuel also improves the energy efficiency of your home’s heating system while reducing wear and tear on your furnace or boiler. Your energy costs will be reduced, while the life expectancy of your heating system will be increased. The reduced wear also means that you will likely have fewer breakdowns, saving you on repair costs.

Never worry about your heating oil supply with OSI Comfort Specialists! Become a customer today and get reliable delivery of our clean-burning Bioheat Fuel.