Is It Time to Call an Electrician?

Written on: August 7, 2023

Electrical services for your home from a dependable, safety-focused team.

electricity queen, ny Every day, we speak to customers in Queens and Long Island looking for ways to improve the electrical systems in their homes. Many electrical improvements can enhance your lifestyle, the safety of your home and its value.

Still, it’s important to engage a team of trustworthy, professional electricians for this work. Arranging service with licensed workers like the OSI Comfort Specialists team ensures that your electrical needs will be handled promptly, safely and to the highest possible standards.

Here are some of the top electrical services that OSI Comfort Specialists offers New York households.

New fixtures and outlets

Don’t spend all day hanging and wiring a new light fixture in your dining room or installing GFCI outlets in your bathrooms and kitchen. Bring in an OSI Comfort Specialists electrician, and they will install those fixtures and outlets in short order.

Electrical panels and wiring upgrades

If you’ve ever installed new appliances or cooling equipment in an older home, you know how important it is to ensure the correct electrical capacity. Our experienced crew is used to upgrading electrical panels and wiring for historic residences in Queens, Nassau and western Suffolk County.

HVAC installation

If you need to add central air or ductless mini-split air conditioning equipment, then OSI Comfort Specialists can handle all aspects of the project. In addition to securing and installing the cooling equipment, we can supply the direct electrical connection with sufficient voltage to power it.

Special wiring for work and entertainment equipment

Remote work has become far more standard in recent years. As more New Yorkers have turned parts of their home into offices, our electricians have become experts at wiring rooms for energy-intensive servers and computing systems. And if you’re an avid gamer or want to supersize your home entertainment center, we can provide the electrical infrastructure to support that, too.

Electric vehicle chargers

Driving an electric vehicle has quite a few benefits, but sitting around at a public charging station is definitely not one of them. It’s far more convenient (and cost-effective) to have an EV charging station at your home. We’ll install a station on your property so your EV can charge through the night while you’re home.

OSI Comfort Specialists is the go-to electrical team in Queens and western Long Island.

When you have an electrical job requiring a professional partner – no matter how big or small – get in touch with OSI Comfort Specialists. We work with homeowners, construction crews, contractors and remodeling businesses. Whether your home is brand new (even in the planning stages) or a century old, we have the experience and know-how to address your wiring concerns.

OSI Comfort Specialists only employs licensed, insured, certified electricians with extensive experience and knowledge. We will show up when you need us, treat your house with respect and only leave when the job is done. And you can rest assured that all our electrical work meets project specifications and all state and local codes.

Have an electrical job that requires professional attention? Get in touch with us today for a free quote.