Is Your Plumbing Issue an Emergency?

Written on: October 16, 2023

OSI Comfort Specialists can handle urgent plumbing repairs.

plumbing emergency queens, ny We know that finding a good plumber can be hard. You need a person you can trust to install fixtures and appliances, get rid of clogs and drips, and be there when there’s a bona fide plumbing emergency.

At OSI Comfort Specialists, we strive to be Queens, Nassau County, and western Suffolk Counties’ go-to company for routine plumbing services and 24-hour emergency repairs. But how can you tell if you have a real plumbing emergency or an issue that can wait?

Here are some useful criteria to consider.

Risk of Water Damage

With winter on the way and people getting ready to leave town for the holidays, the risk of freezing exposed pipes becomes more prevalent. If these pipes aren’t appropriately heated or insulated on sub-freezing nights, ice can build up, and they might burst. The result is significant property damage from water. Contact us immediately if you have a burst pipe and are experiencing water accumulation.

No Hot Water

The average lifespan of a traditional storage-tank water heater is roughly 10 to 15 years. If your water heater fails on you unexpectedly, your life can get complicated quickly. You won’t have warm showers, hot water taps or a fully functional clothes washer and dishwasher.

For this reason, we generally encourage customers to prevent an unexpected water heater failure by replacing their unit after 10 years. However, if your water heater breaks down, we’ll get there immediately to see if it can be repaired. If it can’t, we’ll secure your replacement equipment and get the hot water flowing again.

Sewage Backup

Is a foul odor coming from your water fixtures, drains or appliances? Whether you have a sewer connection or septic system, sewage could be backing up into your home. This can be more than an unpleasant situation; it can affect people’s health in your home. OSI Comfort Specialists can determine if a sewage issue exists and whether the cause is on or off your property.

The cause of a sewage backup may be a pipe obstruction, tree root, cracked sewer pipe or something else. Our plumbers will know what to look for — and how to fix it.

Standing Water

Leaks and drips happen in any home, but they can easily get out of hand. Standing water can lead to property damage, mold, fetid air and electrocution risks. If there is standing water anywhere in your home, reach out to us to find the leaking pipe or fixture and repair it.

Plumbing Emergency? Call OSI Comfort Specialists!

Our company has looked out for the comfort and safety of New York families since 1936. Generations of our friends and neighbors count on OSI Comfort Specialists for heating oil, equipment services and all their plumbing needs. We’re proud of our sterling record and work every day — 24 hours a day — to earn it.

Please call our office directly if you have a plumbing emergency. If you need help with plumbing installations or routine maintenance, feel free to reach out to us with our online form.