Maintaining a Standby Generator for Optimal Performance

Written on: April 1, 2024

Best practices for your gas-powered home generator

generators queens, ny In a world where our electric grid is becoming less and less reliable, a gas-powered standby generator is a trustworthy backup power source that provides peace of mind to Queens families.

Just look at the devastating power outages that New York has seen in recent years, from Superstorm Sandy to the Upstate grid collapses following blizzards in December 2022. Blackouts aren’t merely inconvenient — they are frequently a risk to safety.

OSI Comfort Specialists installs and services standby generators that are crucial during these emergencies. They connect directly to a natural gas line or home propane tank and switch on automatically when your home loses grid power. For total peace of mind, you need to prioritize proper generator maintenance. Let’s unpack the essential factors involved in keeping a standby generator running at its best.

How Long Do Gas-Powered Standby Generators Last?

The longevity of the gas-powered standby generators we install typically ranges from 25 to 30 years, depending on a range of factors, including usage hours and maintenance schedule. A well-maintained, periodically-used generator is more likely to reach the upper end of this life expectancy.

What Should You Do to Maintain Your Generator?

Here are some simple steps you should take to ensure your standby generator is ready when you need it most:

  • Do a monthly check of its oil levels.
  • Regularly check the condition of the battery.
  • Keep an eye out for rusting or leaking fluids.
  • Clear away debris and plant life from around your generator to ensure proper ventilation. A generator should have five feet of clearance from anything flammable.
  • Do regular tests, running the generator under load (turned on) for 20-30 minutes to ensure it is in working order; this also allows oil to circulate through the engine, protecting against rust and corrosion.

In addition to these DIY maintenance jobs, it’s crucial to arrange a more thorough annual service visit with one of our technicians.

How Often Should You Arrange Generator Maintenance?

Manufacturers’ recommendations for professional generator maintenance tend to range from every six months to every year. The frequency of maintenance depends mostly on usage.
While your personal maintenance tasks go a long way to safeguarding your generator’s reliability, professional inspections are essential. These tune-ups typically involve an oil change, as well as more in-depth assessments of the mechanical and electrical components.

Professional technicians like the team at OSI Comfort Specialists have the expertise to detect issues that may not be apparent to the untrained eye and have the tools and experience to fix them.

Protect Your Generator with OSI Comfort Specialists.

As an OSI Comfort Specialists customer in Queens, Nassau or western Suffolk County, you can enroll in a service plan for your gas-powered standby generator. A tune-up is included with the plan, as are discounts on parts and labor and priority service.

A little bit of preventive attention goes a long way to ensuring your household’s electrical security. Reach out to our team for generator service.