Never Run Out of Heating Oil in the Winter

Written on: November 20, 2023

OSI Comfort Specialists has convenient heating oil delivery solutions.

heating oil queens, ny If you’ve never run out of heating oil during the winter, we can assure you that it is not a pleasant experience.

Homeowners in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties often notice a fuel run-out first when temperatures drop, and their radiators won’t warm up, or their vents aren’t blowing warm air. For many homes, a heating oil run-out also means cold showers and icy water taps.

Happily, heating oil run-outs will likely not hurt your boiler, furnace, or water heater. Still, the inconvenience of losing heat and hot water, arranging an emergency fuel delivery and priming your system to bring it back online is enough to ruin your day (or several days).

The OSI Comfort Specialists team can help you track your heating oil tank levels — and prevent run-outs permanently!

How to Know if You are Nearly Out of Heating Oil

The first thing that’s important to avoiding run-outs is knowing how to check your heating oil tank gauge.

An oil tank gauge is a glass or plastic vial situated on top of your tank. It has markings similar to a car’s gas meter — F, ¾, ½ and ¼. There’s a red marker or float resting in the vial, and its position tells you how full your oil tank is. When the float rests at the bottom of the vial (or you can’t see it at all), your tank is totally or nearly empty.

We recommend people contact us when their tank reaches around 30 percent to minimize the risk of a run-out.

Automatic Delivery Puts the Planning in Our Hands!

We understand that New York homeowners have a lot on their to-do lists. Even the most detail-oriented folks can forget to check their tank gauges.

With Automatic Delivery, you can entrust us with your fuel planning. Our cutting-edge software uses your past fuel usage and current weather conditions to determine when you’ll run out of heating oil. Then, OSI Comfort Specialists will arrange a heating oil delivery before you run low.

There’s no additional fee for Automatic Delivery. The only thing you lose in the deal is stress!

Consider a Heating Oil Tank Monitor!

Do you travel for work frequently or spend the winter away from your New York home? Do you manage heating oil deliveries for a relative or income property?
For people who want real-time information about their heating fuel levels when they’re away from their homes, we recommend heating oil tank monitoring. These devices use wireless and cellular technology to tell OSI Comfort Specialists exactly how much fuel is in your tank at a given time. We receive an alert when the tank reaches a set level, and we send a delivery driver to you. Tank monitoring offers the most precise heating oil tracking option to our customers.

Are you interested in enrolling in Automatic Delivery or wireless tank monitoring? Join the family of customers at OSI Comfort Specialists, and we’ll help you end run-outs for good.