Common Plumbing Problems in New Homes

Written on: March 4, 2024

We’re here to get your pipes, water heater and appliances in working order.

plumbing Queens, NY If you recently purchased a new home in Queens, Nassau or western Suffolk County, we first want to say congratulations!

Owning a home can be a rewarding and nerve-wracking experience. Having the opportunity to grow a personal space for you and your loved ones (plus growing your equity, too) is immensely satisfying. The maintenance challenges that invariably crop up can make you want to tear your hair out.

Unfortunately, even if you purchase a newly constructed home, there is a distinct possibility that it could have plumbing issues. Happily, the licensed and insured plumbers at OSI Comfort Specialists are at your service to address them. Here are four common plumbing problems in new homes.

1. Blocked Pipes

How, you may ask, can a new home possibly have clogs in the plumbing? The simple answer is that pipes are typically installed way before construction is completed. This can give environmental factors like tree and shrub roots time to obstruct your plumbing. A professional plumber can assess the cause of the blockage and resolve it promptly.

2. Slow Drains

Home construction involves a lot of materials that can seep into pipes and harden. These include paint, spackle, joint compound and stucco. If these materials find their way into your plumbing, they can narrow the pipes and slow down the drains in your sinks and tubs. Depending on the nature of the material, we might be able to clear it, or it might be best to replace a length of pipe.

3. Leaky Faucets

One of the most common — and annoying — plumbing issues is a leaking faucet. But that drip is more than an aggravating sound. It wastes water and can lead to discoloration and wear on your fixtures.

During construction, workers move fast. A misaligned O-ring or an incorrectly sized washer can cause a leak. Luckily, a trained plumber can remedy the problem pretty quickly.

4. Water Heater Issues

The water heater is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in your home. If yours is malfunctioning, you could face lukewarm showers and lots of wasted energy. There are multiple potential issues with water heaters. Yours could be improperly sized for your home. It could have a faulty thermostat. These are just a few possibilities. Not only do the plumbers at OSI Comfort Specialists know what to look for, but we also carry top-quality products from leading manufacturers like John Wood, Bock and Bradford White.

OSI Comfort Specialists — Your One Call for Plumbing Services

At OSI Comfort Specialist, we know New York homes. Whether yours was built in the 19th century or last year, our plumbing services team can identify and resolve just about any issue you have. We are always prompt in responding and transparent in our pricing and the work we do. We’ll assess the plumbing issues you have and come up with a workable solution to get things moving again.

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