Plumbing Services on the North and South shores of Long Island, NY

OSI Comfort Specialists promise comfort you can count on!

For almost 90 years, OSI Comfort Specialists has been providing neighborly, reliable service to homes and businesses in Queens, Nassau County, and Western Suffolk County.

Today, our services include plumbing. OSI Comfort Specialists is licensed and insured, and every one of our skilled plumbers is under the supervision of a master plumber. We provide services to homes and businesses all over our service area.

Our customers get 24/7 emergency plumbing repair service, and same-day service is available as well.

Plumbing installation done right

Are you building a new home, doing a renovation of your kitchen or bath, moving the laundry room upstairs, adding gas appliances or gas lines, adding a refrigerator that has on-demand ice and filtered water or adding appliances such as a dishwasher to your home? OSI Comfort Specialists can do any plumbing installation. We have extensive experience working with construction and renovation companies as well as other local contractors.

We’ll provide an honest and competitive quote upfront and make sure your plumbing installation is done to specifications and meets all codes.

Plumbing maintenance and repair services you can trust

Some plumbing repairs may be pretty simple if you have basic skills. Some plumbing repairs are not DIY projects no matter how many online videos you watch. We’ll tackle big and small plumbing projects and do the job right the first time, so you have peace of mind.

Do you know the old saying about an ounce of prevention being a pound of cure? That applies to plumbing as well. Our plumbing maintenance and inspection services help to protect you from plumbing failures. We’re also here for you with needed inspections after an emergency shutoff.

We recently used OSI to redo our natural gas feed to our barbecue and set up an Ooni pizza oven. Mike and his team were completely professional for the entire process. The installation was top-notch, the pizza oven is awesome, and my barbecue is now the burning inferno the manufacturer had touted it to be! Highly recommend them!
–Kenny B.

Water quality services that give you clean, safe water

Ensuring the safety and quality of your water is good for your home as well as your family. That’s why we offer services that help do just that. Our expert service technicians and plumbers will work together to make sure the quality of your home’s water is top-notch. Here’s some of what we sell, install, and service:

  • Whole-house filtration systems that make sure every fixture and water-using appliance has purified water
  • Refrigerator water filters that give you clean, cold, and clear drinking water and ice cubes
  • Hot water system protectors that help to reduce scale accumulation in your water heater, helping it to run more efficiently and extend its life expectancy
  • Water softeners that get rid of hard water problems that can stain fixtures such as bathtubs and toilets, leading to ineffective laundry cleaning, dry out and damage hair, exacerbate soap scum, shorten the life expectancy of water-using appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines and clog pipes
  • Service filtration systems to eliminate iron, manganese, and other problem-causing minerals
  • Drinking-water filtration systems that make your water, coffee, tea, and other beverages taste great

OSI Comfort Specialists plumbers are also BackFlow Testing Certified.

Commercial plumbing services to help your business prosper

OSI Comfort Specialists don’t just take care of your home’s plumbing. We also offer our outstanding plumbing services for a wide range of area businesses such as office buildings, restaurants, commercial laundries, hotels, barber shops, golf courses, hair salons, apartment buildings and property management companies, and event centers, garden centers, health care facilities and more.

Whether your business needs pipes repaired or installed, drains snaked, water heaters installed or serviced or any other commercial plumbing service, OSI Comfort Specialists provides prompt, quality plumbing services you can count on.

From Woodbury to Woodmere, you can’t beat OSI Comfort Specialists for quality plumbing services by our expert team of master plumbers. Get in touch with us and we’ll get to work for you!