Should You Replace Your Breaker Box?

Written on: November 6, 2023

Signs that your home’s electrical panel may be struggling or unsafe

electrical services nassau county, ny Electricity is something that every home in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties depends on. It powers air conditioning in the summer and an increasing number of heating systems in winter. Without a dependable supply of electricity, you won’t have reliable lighting, and your remote work setup will be virtually useless. Your home’s washer, dryer, refrigerator and other crucial equipment will be out of commission, too. Many of our valued customers have mobility equipment and medical devices that can’t function without electricity.

Your breaker box is essentially the central command of your home’s electricity. It serves more functions than many homeowners are aware of, and an old or faulty breaker box is a serious issue. It can be a safety risk if left unattended. The OSI Comfort Specialists team can help you repair or upgrade your home’s struggling breaker box.

What is a breaker box, and what does it do?

You may have heard your breaker box referred to as an electrical panel. It’s the primary point of distribution for your home’s electricity.

The panel takes in electricity from your utility line by way of your home’s electrical meter. The panel splits the electricity through a series of circuits, which power the outlets, lighting fixtures and appliances your household depends on.

The electrical panel has a series of breakers with switches that you can turn on and off. You might have needed to do this to replace a lighting fixture or install a dishwasher. The panel also has a main breaker that can cut off power to your whole home.

What’s the lifespan of a breaker box?

While there are variables that affect your electrical panel’s life expectancy, the lifespan tends to fall between 20 and 40 years. That’s a pretty big variance, but you can probably expect to replace your breaker box at least once if you have lived in your home for more than two decades.

How can you tell if your breaker box is failing?

Is your breaker box getting up in years? Are you concerned that it might be struggling or even about to fail? Maybe you’re finding that breakers are regularly tripping and knocking out power to parts of your home. These power losses can damage electronics, and an overheating electrical panel can be a severe fire risk.
You should have your breaker box checked immediately if you notice:

  • A burning smell or a panel that is hot to the touch. (It could indicate an imminent safety issue.)
  • Scorching or damage around the box.
  • Breakers that won’t stay in “reset” mode.

OSI Comfort Specialists is here for your electrical service needs.

The electrical services team at OSI Comfort Specialists is trained and experienced to handle various home issues. We can inspect and accurately diagnose a breaker box issue, upgrade your panel to add outlets and improve your electronics’ performance.

Don’t ignore a struggling breaker box. Request service from OSI Comfort Specialists today.