When to Service Your Air Conditioning System

Written on: May 1, 2023

The best time of the year for HVAC maintenance is the off-season.

ac tune up queens, ny Air conditioning equipment is clicking on in homes all over Queens and western Long Island. When was the last time you had your home’s cooling system serviced?

Maintenance for your air conditioning is like a physical with a doctor. It allows a professional to check out your system and ensure everything is working at its highest efficiency. It prolongs its service life and significantly lowers electricity expenses throughout the summer. An A/C tune-up is also a chance for an HVAC technician to look for warning signs of a breakdown to come, then head them off at the pass.

OSI Comfort Specialists does air conditioning maintenance for central A/C and ductless systems. We can tell you when and how often to get a tune-up.

How often should you get A/C equipment service?

We recommend that customers schedule a cooling system tune-up once a year. This ensures that your system receives regular attention and can take care of you during the hottest afternoons of the summer.
Additionally, A/C manufacturers can require that you get annual service to keep your warranty in place. If you skip it and suffer a cooling system breakdown, you might end up being responsible for paying for the entire air conditioning repairs, even if the issue is covered by your manufacturer’s warranty.

When should you have your air conditioning system serviced?

The best time to have your cooling system tune-up is when you don’t need it to keep your family comfortable. Winter is often the ideal time to service your A/C. Spring is also a great time to do it. During these months, our HVAC team has more availability for tune-ups since we aren’t dealing with emergency no-cooling calls during the height of summer. (Don’t worry — the tune-up won’t “wear off” in the ensuing months.)

That said, you shouldn’t put off having A/C service if it’s been a while. The relatively minor inconvenience of shutting down your system for an afternoon is infinitely better than facing a total cooling breakdown. That will ruin everyone’s summer fun.

OSI Comfort Specialists is always here for your A/C maintenance needs.

The HVAC team at OSI Comfort Specialists is always ready to provide maintenance for your central air conditioning or ductless mini-split system. We have extensive knowledge and experience servicing systems from top manufacturers like Daikin, American Standard, Coleman and Comfort Maker.

And we have a fantastic way to ensure your cooling system always has the maintenance it needs to function at peak performance: an air conditioning service plan. Our plans include an annual maintenance tune-up. All you need to do is schedule it! The coverage also guarantees 24/7 priority service if you need a repair. Plus, you’ll receive discounts on repair services to keep your costs down while getting your air conditioning back online fast.

So, have you been putting off your annual air conditioning maintenance? The OSI Comfort team is on call to get your equipment ship-shape for the coming summer. Contact us today to request service!