What Happens If You Run Out of Heating Oil?

Written on: April 15, 2024

Here’s what to do when your heating oil tank runs dry.

heating oil Nassau County, NY Imagine this: You wake up to find your Nassau County home has gone cold — really, really cold. You adjust the thermostat, but your heating system still doesn’t kick in. You feel a pit in your stomach. Have you run out of heating oil? Hopefully, this doesn’t happen to you. But if it does, we can break down what happens and how to navigate this frosty predicament.

1. Check Your Heating Oil Tank

Before you really panic, make sure that you really are out of heating oil. First, head down to your heating oil tank. Most tanks come equipped with a float-style gauge. Look for the red disk inside the plastic vial. If it’s above the 1/8 mark, you might still have some oil left. If not, proceed to the next step.

2. Arrange a Heating Oil Delivery Immediately

Don’t wait a minute longer. It’s time to order heating oil. Contact OSI Comfort Specialists ASAP and let us know that you need an emergency delivery of heating oil. We’re here around the clock for our customers.

3. A Dash of Diesel

While you wait for your oil delivery, you might have an option to get your system running temporarily so you don’t suffer in the cold. Add 5 or 10 gallons of diesel fuel to your tank. It won’t make your home as warm as heating oil would, but it’ll keep the chill at bay until the cavalry arrives. It’s not just for your comfort. You also want to avoid frozen or burst pipes.

4. Restart Your Burner

If you’ve had a full heating oil run-out, you’ll need to restart the oil burner on your furnace or boiler. This process involves priming your burner, which bleeds the air out of the oil line and clears any sediment from the filter, nozzle and oil pump. Customers can handle this themselves by following the instructions on their heating system’s owner’s manual. If you’re uncomfortable priming your burner yourself, we can handle it for you,

The Bottom Line

Running out of heating oil isn’t likely to cause permanent damage to your boiler or furnace, but you could end up with sludge or sediment in your filters, fuel lines or burner. That can reduce the efficiency of your heating system or even cause it to break down. By keeping enough oil in your tank, you can avoid some very costly problems as well as a no-heat emergency.

Remember, being without heat during the cold months isn’t just inconvenient; it’s downright risky. So, keep an eye on that oil gauge, order promptly, and stay warm! Better yet, sign up for the OSI Comfort Specialists’ automatic heating oil delivery program and eliminate the chance you’ll run out of heating oil. We’ll track your heating oil usage and current weather conditions and accurately schedule a heating oil delivery to your New York home before you run too low.

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